A unique blend of criminal practice and military experience.

Combining over 18 years of experience in the criminal justice system, with over 12 years of experience in the military justice system and almost 4 years of service as a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force, stationed in the UK and Germany and with stints in Afghanistan and Iraq, Jonathan Lynch provides a unique consultancy for production companies wanting to get it exactly right. Plot lines, story development and the important minor details in relation to all matters of a military legal nature, Jonathan Lynch is the go-to consultant.

Jonathan Lynch advised New Pictures on the legal aspects of the plot, addressing military disciplinary proceedings, interaction between the British and German governments in accordance with NATO treaties and the reality of proposed developments. He also used his extensive contacts within the military to gain access to the authorities in Germany.

The names 'Lynch Law’ and ‘Jonathan Lynch’ are not to be used by any unauthorised parties for any purpose. ‘Lynch Law’ and ‘Lynch Military Law’ are the copyright of Jonathan Lynch.